Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Joshua Ben Longo

Monster Skin Chair

WOW! My friend sent me this stuff by Joshua Ben Longo, who has an impressive body of plush work that spans nine years. His characters are highly imaginative and often hint at the grotesque. Josh has made so many great plush and its truly impressive because they are fantastically well made! The Monster Skin Chair rules! There were so many pictures to choose from, I had to put quite a few up. Its actually nice to see some plush that isn't so "cute". He calls the sum of his work Longoland, you can even buy a few of his items here. And no wonder his work is so good, I checked out his blog, and he has fabulous sketches he works from. I think the monsters from Longoland would probably skin and eat the Kinderfluff crew. 

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