Sunday, June 20, 2010

Star Wars Plush

Every now and again I check on Heidi Kenney's My Paper Crane plushes. She is such a fantastic artist and she puts out so much stuff, so its hard to keep up with. I found this Star Wars plush she put in the Stitch Wars show at the Bear and the Bird Boutique and Gallery a while ago. I am SO impressed with this plush--its from the beginning of Empire Strikes back when Han has to put Luke's body in a Tauntaun to keep him warm to save his life. Han has to slice open the Tonka's body to save Luke, and all the Tonka's guts spill out...and it smells really bad. This is an amazing representation of this moment.

ALSO, I can't believe I came across a rad craft on the official Star Wars website. Its a Bantha plush! It's so weird and awesome that they have crafts on the Star Wars Website, and this one is extremely cool. There are a ton of other Star Wars crafts here including the Chewie Tissue Box Cozy, the Death Star Pinata and the Admiral Sackbar Puppet Craft..haha! This Bantha is my favorite!

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